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home and family recipes
home and family recipes

Hen Enchilada Casserole Recipke

This is a Tex-Mex casserole dish that is to be eaten in place for that reason rapidly. It can be small uncomplicated to create. It truly is set up simply kind of a new Lasagna dish. Just differnece can be we tend to employ Hammer toe Tortillas.

home and family recipes

Satisfied Food preparation!


* 10 : 7 " corn tortillas
* one pound. chicken, prepared in addition to shredded
* one pound. Cheddar mozzarella dairy product, shredded
* 1 pt. poisonous product
* 1/a two of cup chicken broth
* 1 supply taco flavoring
* 1 cup mayo.
* one/four eco-friendly onions, sliced (garnish)
* 1 can certainly Rotel, drained (garnish)


one. Preheat cooker to 350
a couple. Cook chicken, shred, in addition to neat.
3. Mix shredded chicken, poisonous product, chicken broth, taco flavoring, mayo, three/four associated with cheddar mozzarella dairy product, in addition to salt & spice up on a dish.
four. Lightly grease a new 9x9 casserole dish.
5. Spot two corn tortillas about bottom level on the casserole dish.
6. Handle using chicken concoction.
7. Do until many tortillas have passed away. Be aware: One more level must be two tortillas.
nine. Spot drained Rotel in addition to leftover cheddar mozzarella dairy product about higher.
9. Handle using foil in addition to prepare with regard to 45 minute.
10. Get rid of foil in addition to spot down below broiler with regard to three-five moments.
11. Garnish using sliced inexperienced onions.

Ideas by Chef Bek:

* Facial boil the chicken to avoid by overcooking.
* In the event Rotel is not readily available, start using a can certainly associated with Asian Stewed Tomato vegetables.

Black color Bean Hammer toe Salsa Recipke

Salsa will simply not need to be offered with all the regular tortilla motherboards anymore. This dark bean corn salsa is actually a great add-on to any mealtime, or even dish. On top of that, it's a extra fat free in addition to minimal calorie accompaniment.

Satisfied Food preparation!

* one can dark pinto and black beans : drained in addition to cleaned
* 1 can corn : drained
* 1/a two of cup diced red onion
* 1/four cup diced jalapenos
* 1/a two of cup sliced cilantro
* one/four cup fresh calcium fruit juice
* a couple large tomato vegetables : diced
* two cloves garlic oil : sliced
* salt in addition to spice up to flavor

Wash your complete veggies, drain all your canned merchandise, in addition to minimize since defined. Mix many in a plastic-type or even cup package.

Cool down in the icebox at least nine hrs, or even immediately, previous to providing.

home and family recipes

Tip Through Chef Bek:
Do not start using a precious metal package to store this salsa. Your acids in the calcium fruit juice in addition to tomato vegetables might have a new effect with all the precious metal.

Offering Ideas:
* Work using warm tortilla motherboards.
* Work being a marinade with regard to fresh bass.
* Put in the temperature tortilla using chicken, cut up avocado, in addition to lettuce.
* Spot in just a breakfast time omelet.
* Add to a new sleep associated with merged vegetables using a number of smashed tortilla motherboards.

Satisfied Ingesting!

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Chicken Enchilada Casserole Recipe

Black Bean Corn Salsa

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